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Along Southsea seafront

View out to sea from Southsea Seafront

Along Southsea seafront

The three-mile walk along Southsea Seafront is a perennial favourite - with no visit to the coast ever complete without seeing the sea!

This itinerary takes you along the length of the promenade from west to east, starting at the Round Tower. It takes in guided walkways, historic buildings, fascinating museums, family-friendly attractions and not one but two piers!

Of course, in addition to all the below places to visit you also have the stunning view out across the Solent and to the Isle of Wight. There are views out to the horizon, and across the ever-changing seascape - with ferries, catamaran, hovercraft and plenty more besides.

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  1. Round Tower


    The Round Tower is one of Portsmouth's oldest permanent fortifications.

  2. Hotwalls Studios

    Broad Street, Old Portsmouth

    The Hotwalls Studios brings local artists, designers and makers together, in an exceptional heritage location.

  3. Square Tower


    The Square Tower is one of the oldest surviving parts of Portsmouth's fortifications, built to defend the city and harbour.

  4. Clarence Pier Amusement Park


    Clarence Pier Southsea is one of the largest amusement parks on the south coast and boasts all manner of amusements, rides and activities for the whole family.

  5. Hovertravel

    Clarence Esplanade, Southsea

    Hovertravel, the only scheduled Hovercraft operator in Europe, is the quickest way to reach the Isle of Wight. This fast service has a frequent timetable starting from 6am and running throughout the day until 9pm.

  6. Millennium Promenade


    Three kilometres of promenade links Portsmouth’s historic waterfront.

  7. Blue Reef Aquarium


    Take the ultimate undersea adventure at Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth.

  8. The D-Day Story


    The D-Day Story is the only museum in the UK dedicated to the Allied Invasion in June 1944.

  9. Southsea Castle

    Southsea, Portsmouth

    Visit Henry VIII's Southsea Castle, right along the water's edge.

  10. The Pyramids Centre

    Southsea, Portsmouth

    One of Portsmouth’s largest health and wellbeing centres, located just off Southsea Beach.

  11. Rock Gardens

    Southsea Seafront, Southsea

    Very attractive, sheltered gardens close to the seafront with a wide variety of interesting plants, waterfall and pools.

  12. South Parade Pier


    South Parade Pier stands proudly in the centre of Southsea’s stunning 4 mile coastline with amazing unique views of the Isle of Wight and across The Solent.

  13. Canoe Lake


    A popular park dating from 1886 with some of the mature evergreen oaks planted in 1910, Canoe Lake has an impressive range of floral bedding on display at the water's edge.

  14. Southsea Model Village

    Eastney Esplanade, Portsmouth

    Marvel at the 1/12th scale Southsea Model Village, which features forty miniature buildings, houses, forts and castles, as well as a `G' scale garden railway.

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
Round Tower (50.79044,-1.10812)Hotwalls Studios (50.79008,-1.10799)0.04
Hotwalls Studios (50.79008,-1.10799)Square Tower (50.78944,-1.10644)0.12
Square Tower (50.78944,-1.10644)Clarence Pier Amusement Park (50.78604,-1.10031)0.52
Clarence Pier Amusement Park (50.78604,-1.10031)Hovertravel (50.78507,-1.10059)0.1
Hovertravel (50.78507,-1.10059)Millennium Promenade (50.78633,-1.09993)0.13
Millennium Promenade (50.78633,-1.09993)Blue Reef Aquarium (50.78052,-1.09136)0.8
Blue Reef Aquarium (50.78052,-1.09136)The D-Day Story (50.78011,-1.09005)0.09
The D-Day Story (50.78011,-1.09005)Southsea Castle (50.77814,-1.08926)0.2
Southsea Castle (50.77814,-1.08926)The Pyramids Centre (50.77927,-1.08554)0.26
The Pyramids Centre (50.77927,-1.08554)Rock Gardens (50.77874,-1.0823)0.21
Rock Gardens (50.77874,-1.0823)South Parade Pier (50.77858,-1.07599)0.4
South Parade Pier (50.77858,-1.07599)Canoe Lake (50.78141,-1.06988)0.48
Canoe Lake (50.78141,-1.06988)Southsea Model Village (50.78088,-1.06842)0.11
Total Distance *3.45 miles
Estimated Journey Time7 minutes

* Approximate distance by road

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