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Portsmouth's naval history

Children trying on helmets at the D-Day Story

Venture into the heart of Portsmouth's rich naval history, with a tour of the sites that have played a significant role through the years, and visits to our world-famous museums that tell their fascinating stories.

The first port of call is Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, where you can climb aboard some of the famous and most fearsome ships ever to take to the seas. Here you can follow the footsteps of Admiral Lord Nelson, tour the world's first iron-hulled warship, and see the pride of Henry VIII's fleet at the Mary Rose museum.

Then, it's a walk along the Millennium Promenade - past the city's historic fortifications - to The D-Day Story. The museum uses personal testimonies and fantastic audio-visual displays to show the scale of the job facing those who set off for Normandy in 1944.

Your itinerary ends with a trip to Southsea Castle, where King Henry VIII watched his beloved Mary Rose sink during the Battle of the Solent. Take a walk along the ramparts for fantastic views, or head into the Keep to learn more about the building and its part in history.

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Product Information

  1. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

    HM Naval Base, Portsmouth

    Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is the UK’s premier destination for exploring 500 years of naval history.

  2. The Mary Rose


    Experience The Mary Rose as never before at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

  3. Millennium Promenade


    Three kilometres of promenade links Portsmouth’s historic waterfront.

  4. The D-Day Story


    The D-Day Story is the only museum in the UK dedicated to the Allied Invasion in June 1944.

  5. Southsea Castle

    Southsea, Portsmouth

    Visit Henry VIII's Southsea Castle, right along the water's edge.

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard (50.79929,-1.10801)The Mary Rose (50.80165,-1.10852)0.24
The Mary Rose (50.80165,-1.10852)Millennium Promenade (50.78633,-1.09993)1.63
Millennium Promenade (50.78633,-1.09993)The D-Day Story (50.78011,-1.09005)0.88
The D-Day Story (50.78011,-1.09005)Southsea Castle (50.77814,-1.08926)0.2
Total Distance *2.95 miles
Estimated Journey Time6 minutes

* Approximate distance by road

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