Easter is nearly upon us! That doesn't just mean chocolate eggs and religious celebrations - but also an extra-long bank holiday weekend.

The four day weekend is often the chance for people to get away for a short break - having a welcome retreat without having to eat up any annual leave (or the extra savvy ones who book time off around the bank holidays to get a long break without using up so much of their leave allowance).

With the weather forecast looking kind for this year, it's little wonder that many Brits are considering a short break for the Easter holidays. What's more, it seems many of them are thinking of a trip to Portsmouth, at least according to the latest data from Airbnb.

The accommodation website named Portsmouth amongst its top 10 trending destinations for Easter breaks in 2019. By looking at year-on-year figures for destination around the UK, Airbnb discovered a 120% increase in searches related to our island city, putting us in the nation's top 5.

Results like these come as no surprise to those who already know and love Portsmouth. The city has far more to explore in just a day and it really rewards those who stay longer. So this year, why not take the opportunity to spend some time in Portsmouth and get to know it a little better.

In addition to the city's great events and attractions, Visit Portsmouth has you covered with a comprehensive list of hotels, guest houses, B&Bs and more, to ensure your stay is an enjoyable one.


Whether you have a favourite brand, or want to stick with the familiarity and security of a name you recognise, Portsmouth has a number of big-name hotels at sites to suit all budgets and requirements.

There's plenty of choice, including Marriott and Village, among others. You can also stay at a number of famous Portsmouth institutions that may not be known nationwide but are revered on these shores. There's the likes of the historic Queens Hotel, the coastal Royal Beach Hotel, the perfectly placed Royal Maritime Club and the truly unique No Man's Fort.

Take a look at the full list of hotels in Portsmouth here.

Guest houses and B&Bs

For many holidaymakers, nothing can beat the personal touch that independent guest houses or B&Bs offer. With many of them in Portsmouth having been run by the same people for generations, you can be assured of quality - and people who know what they're doing.

This also fits in with a strong independent ethos present across Portsmouth, where many small businesses, pubs, bars, restaurants, shop owners and designers do their thing - with great success.

There's charm, variety and personality contained within the guest house and B&B listings.

Boutique hotels

If you're looking for a luxury or romantic break this Easter, why not take a look through the boutique hotels on offer within the city? Here you'll find a great selection of hotels offering something that little more special. It's the perfect marriage of guest house and hotel, with luxury and the personal touch combining to great effect.

Fashionable design, great service and top quality throughout are the order of the day here. Take a look at what's on offer for boutique hotels in Portsmouth here.


Alternatively you may prefer to look after yourself and be left pretty much entirely to your own devices. That's no trouble, as Portsmouth has a great selection of self-catering properties where you can do just that.

Whether you're looking for cosy coastal cottages or quirky apartments right in the thick of the action, there's sure to be a place that fits the bill. What's more, there's a great variety of size and capacity properties on offer, so you should definitely find the right home-from-home for you, whether you're planning a romantic getaway with just the other half or getting your whole family involved in a weekend away.

See the selection of Portsmouth's self-catering properties here.




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