The Portsmouth Connection

Conan Doyle arrives in Portsmouth


  1. The Portsmouth Connection
    Dr Arthur Conan Doyle arrives in Portsmouth
  2. Archives
    Conan Doyle's home and surgery in Southsea
  3. Conan Doyle the Cricketer
    Arthur Conan Doyle and his cricket team
  4. Chapman Letter
    Letter from Dr Arthur Conan Doyle to Mr Chapman with receipt for payment for child's treatment
  5. Football Letter
    Letter Conan Doyle wrote to Portsmouth Football club
  6. An Accident in Elm Grove
    The newspaper report of an accident in Elm Grove attended by Conan Doyle
  7. Portsmouth Evening News - Newspaper of the evening news
    A page of adverts from the Portsmouth Evening News
  8. Author Arthur Conan Doyle wrote 60 mystery stories featuring the wildly popular detective character Sherlock Holmes and his loyal assistant Watson.