Baker Street


  1. Cabinet of Curiosities
    Exhibition containing objects from the Conan Doyle Collection
  2. Chair and violin, a violin on a red chair
    Sherlock's chair and violin from the Richard Lancelyn Green Collection
  3. Letter to Innes, a letter from Conan Doyle to his brother Innes
    Letter from Conan Doyle to his brother Innes
  4. Paget illustration, a picture of Holmes and Watson by a fireplace
    A black and white Paget illustration
  5. Surgeon's case, a case containing a stethoscope, saws and a number of different implements
    A surgeon's case
  6. Doyle family photo album, album containing 4 photo's of Conan Doyle's family
    Doyle family photo album
  7. Persian slipper
    Sherlock Holmes' Persian slipper
  8. Three pipes, Three tobacco pipes
    Sherlock's three pipes - It's a three pipe problem
  9. Sherlock Holmes books, pile of Sherlock Holmes books in different languages
    Selection of Sherlock Holmes books in foreign languages and other editions
  10. Dr Stamford's case, suitcase with Dr Stamford. Bart's Hospital London written on the side
    A battered suitcase labelled Dr Stanford
  11. Conan Doyle's Waistcoat, a grey corded silk Waistcoat
    A waistcoat belonging to Arthur Conan Doyle
  12. Boxing gloves, leather left handed boxing gloves
    Two left handed leather boxing gloves
  13. Conan Doyle and Mortimer Menpes, article text
    Photograph of Conan Doyle with Mortimer Menpes