Sherlock Holmes Fandom

The Shoso-in Bulletin


  1. Sherlock Holmes Fandom
    Sherlock Holmes fame spread throughout the world and Arthur Conan Doyle's books attracted many fans.
  2. Canadian Holmes, Illustration of Sherlock Holmes repairing a shoe
    Sherlock Holmes magazine from the Toronto Society of Cobblers
  3. Crime after Crime, Crime after Crime booklet cover
    Crime after crime - centenary of Sherlock Homes celebrations
  4. Sherlock Holmes Museum catalogue, catalogue cover
    Sherlock Holmes Museum catalogue
  5. Nezire Zanmi, magazine cover
    The Nezire Zanmi (The Nezire Friends) a Haitian magazine
  6. Baker Street Irregulars dinner, image of a letter with a lot of stamps on it
    Dinner menu from Baker Street Irregulars dinner
  7. El Dieff catalogue, catalogue cover with a dog's face on it
    Sherlock Holmes and Sherlockiana -catalogue, published by House of El Dieff Inc of New York, with items from the Smith and Anderson collections, as well as from the Doyle estate
  8. Under Doctor's orders, A letter from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to William Gillette
    Sotto ordini del medico e sotto il sole Italiano’ with the English translation – ‘Under Doctor’s orders and under the Italian sun’
  9. Famous Sherlock fans, Sir Winston Churchill
    Famous faces who are fans of Sherlock Holmes
  10. Letters to Sherlock Holmes, letters in a display case
    Letters to Sherlock Holmes from his fans