• A book cover with a man appearing out of a shadow pointing a gun at someone just out of frame with the title "The case-book of Sherlock Holmes"

    Sherlock Holmes And A Giant Rat

    Matilda Briggs was not the name of a young woman, Watson, “ said Holmes in a reminiscent voice, “It was a ship which is associated with the giant rat of Sumatra, a story for which the world is not yet prepared.“

  • A man siting in an armchair looking towards a woman raising her hands up with another man looking on from the side.

    The Parasitic Miss Penclosa.

    The Parasite must surely be one of the strangest stories that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ever wrote.

  • a man on his knees in front of two men pleading for mercy

    A Goose And A Precious Stone.

    The Adventure of The Blue Carbuncle is unique in the Sherlock Holmes Canon in that it is the only story that is set during Christmas.

  • Sherlock Holmes lashing furiously with his cane

    It was the band! The speckled band!

    Take a memorable villain. Then add an unusual method of murder, and a midnight vigil at an isolated old Manor House. Finally combine with Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. These are the ingredients for the classic story, The Adventure of The Speckled Band.

  • cover of the book Dracula by Bram Stoker

    A Friendship Of Literary Giants.

    Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula are fictional immortals. Both characters have outlived their creators and seem to have taken on a life of their own.

  • a empty syringe without a needle

    A Seven-Per-Cent Solution.

    Which is it today,“ I asked “morphine or cocaine?“. So says Doctor Watson to Sherlock Holmes in The Sign of The Four. “It is cocaine,“ he said “a seven-per-cent solution. Would you care to try it?“ 

  • Text from the story "The Adventure of the Lion's Mane" orientated diagonally

    Behold the Lion’s Mane!

    My villa is situated upon the southern slope of the Downs, commanding a great view of the Channel.“ So Sherlock Holmes tells us in the story, The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane.

  • Arthur Conan Doyle’s Apocalypse, Cover of the book The Poison Belt by Conan Doyle

    Arthur Conan Doyle’s Apocalypse.

    There are several advantages to being a Detective with the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection. One of them is discovering the lesser known works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Among these is The Poison Belt. 

  • Conan Doyle’s Ghost Hunt, an image of conan doyle with a ghostly face behind him

    Conan Doyle’s Ghost Hunt.

    This Agency stands flat footed upon the ground, and there it must remain. The world is big enough for us. No ghosts need apply. “ So says Sherlock Holmes to Doctor Watson in The Sussex Vampire.