Sherlock Holmes Fandom

Crime after Crime


  1. Sherlock Holmes Fandom
    Sherlock Holmes fame spread throughout the world and Arthur Conan Doyle's books attracted many fans.
  2. Canadian Holmes, Illustration of Sherlock Holmes repairing a shoe
    Sherlock Holmes magazine from the Toronto Society of Cobblers
  3. Sherlock Holmes Museum catalogue, catalogue cover
    Sherlock Holmes Museum catalogue
  4. Nezire Zanmi, magazine cover
    The Nezire Zanmi (The Nezire Friends) a Haitian magazine
  5. Baker Street Irregulars dinner, image of a letter with a lot of stamps on it
    Dinner menu from Baker Street Irregulars dinner
  6. El Dieff catalogue, catalogue cover with a dog's face on it
    Sherlock Holmes and Sherlockiana -catalogue, published by House of El Dieff Inc of New York, with items from the Smith and Anderson collections, as well as from the Doyle estate
  7. Under Doctor's orders, A letter from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to William Gillette
    Sotto ordini del medico e sotto il sole Italiano’ with the English translation – ‘Under Doctor’s orders and under the Italian sun’
  8. The Shoso-in Bulletin, magazine cover
    The Shoso-in Bulletin - an international Sherlockian magazine
  9. Famous Sherlock fans, Sir Winston Churchill
    Famous faces who are fans of Sherlock Holmes
  10. Letters to Sherlock Holmes, letters in a display case
    Letters to Sherlock Holmes from his fans